Daily Photos India Singapore

Daily Photos: India

To keep a daily record of our activities and whereabouts, we’ve been posting photos and short video clips each day on Instagram. For those of you who don’t use Instagram, here are our daily photos from India (and one day in Singapore as a bonus). Most entries contain multiple photos — use the arrows on the side to scroll through them.

Day 139 – 141: New Delhi

Day 142: Agra (Taj Mahal)

Day 143 – 144: Amritsar

Day 145: Chandigarh

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145: We made a one day stop to visit the planned city famous to architecture and urban planning majors everywhere, Chandigarh. The city was built in 1950s and 60s as a new capital for Punjab after Lahore, the former capital of the region, became part of Pakistan in the Partition. The master plan was completed by Le Corbusier, and it features large "sector" units that serve as self-sufficient neighborhoods. There are also a lot of parks and green spaces, which make the city pleasant to be in. With our guide, Vicky, we visited the architecture museum, Capitol complex, Rock Garden, and Sukhna Lake. Ironically, the famous Open Hand monument was especially unwelcoming (located in a less accessible area, had high security and there were no other visitors), and the most unplanned part of the city, the Rock Garden, was by far the most popular.

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Day 146: Chandigarh → Jaipur

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146: We love trains. Chandigarh -> Jaipur.

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Day 147 – 148: Jaipur

Day 149 – 151: Udaipur

Day 152 – 156: Mumbai (Bombay)

[Bonus] Day 157: Singapore layover

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