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What I packed… (Chiara edition)

As you all know, Tarick and I have different styles in many realms — packing included! While Tarick went minimal, I went all-out with the packing. Partially, this is because preparing my pack was my permitted “fun” activity when I was studying for the SE. Put another way, I’ve had many, many months to overthink it.

Tarick and I had similar approaches to clothing and backpacks, so I won’t get too much into that– just read his post. I’ll just say that I am using an Osprey Porter 46 pack, which has more structure than Tarick’s pack (i.e. the walls don’t fall down when it’s empty). I like this because it feels more like a “home” for some reason. I also have a purse that I’m going to use as a day bag. It contains the items I want to access more often.

All packed!

Here’s what my bags look like, exploded all over a bed:

Backpack explosion

I’ll just focus the interesting stuff, rather than listing everything (I’m just too lazy — if you have a specific question let me know).

  • Art supplies: I packed a large quantity of artist tiles (small square pieces of thick paper) along with a couple media for drawing on them (pens, colored pencils, watercolor). My goal is to draw on one tile each day — a form of artistic journaling. Wish me luck! If they look good and I stick with it, I’ll share on here.
  • Bowl and mug: They take up valuable room, and will we even use them? Obviously, I think so, but it’s up for debate. I like the idea of having basic tools for preparing tea/coffee and food. That said, I’m willing to admit I’m wrong if we never use them.
  • Shawl: I find a shawl useful for so many things. It can serve as a blanket, headscarf, or something to sit on.
  • Earplugs/eyemask: Great for being more in control of your senses! I use both often in my “regular” life.

In terms of technology, I’ll just say that Kindles are amazing — it’s unbelievable how much knowledge and literature you can pack into a purse. Add in the availability of ebooks through local libraries, and it really feels like the world is at our fingertips! For free! I also invested in a small portable charger (for phones, cameras, etc), and I think I’ll very soon forget what it was like to live without one.

It exciting and strange to be living out of this bag for a year. I’ve already forgotten what on earth is in our 5′ x 10′ storage unit.


    1. That’s a good tip, Alix! So far I’m 2/2, so I’m feeling optimistic. I might share them as a set each week or month?

    1. Ah, Dana, I knew I could count on your support (and Holly’s). You will also appreciate that I am travelling with a tea infuser. Glad you like the mug. I think I may have gone a bit overboard on the photos.

  1. I’m impressed that you fit all that in such an organized way (but, not surprised)! What does your shawl look like? I’m happy to see the mug getting more adventures 🙂

    1. Thanks, Holly! It’s like a game of Tetris that gets slightly less awful each time I do it. My shawl is solid blue… I will have to document the many ways in which I use it. The JMT mug, bowl-plate, and utensils are always looking for a good adventure.

  2. The portable charger is a great idea! But don’t some airlines disallow the Li battery as carryon? Those things are a lifesaver though- what mAh size did you get?

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