FAQ General Trip Planning

FAQ: “Where are you going?”

[Post last updated on March 13, 2019. Strikethroughs and italics indicate revised text since original posting.]

Below is a general idea of where we plan to be and when. Please take it with many, main grains of salt, as our plans are subject to change. This is especially the case from May July onwards, as we’re still far out, and we like that we can adjust our plans as we go.

January:  Taiwan; Cambodia; Vietnam

February:  Vietnam (cont); Laos; Yunnan (China); Bangkok, Thailand

March & April:  Kathmandu, Nepal (where Chiara will be volunteering with Build Change)

May:  Nepal (Annapurna Circuit Trek); India

June:  India (cont); China (language class)

July: China (language class, cont); China (touring main cities); Mongolia

August:  Russia (Lake Baikal & Transiberian)

September (?):  Armenia? Georgia? Istanbul?

October (?):  Europe?

We welcome recommendations for the above-mentioned places (and chastisement for the places that we’ve left off)!

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