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What I packed… (Tarick edition)

A lot of people have been asking what we are packing for our trip, so I thought this would be a perfect topic for my first post. Deciding which items to bring for a year of travel was a process and my pack-list has gone through several iterations. I wanted to strike a balance between size and comfort, ultimately deciding to go more minimal in my approach. My experience with traveling in the past was that I always brought more stuff than was needed and this time I wanted to try get it down to the bare minimum.

The bag I selected was the Osprey Farpoint 40, a nifty little bag that is similar in capacity to a backpacking backpack but it opens up like a suitcase rather than needing to stuff everything in from the top, which was a pet peeve with my old bag. Also, it is carry-on sized for airplanes.

When I was thinking about clothing, I decided to treat it like a camping trip since we would be doing a lot of hiking/walking outdoors (likely wearing the same outfit multiple times without washing). I wanted to bring quick-drying, synthetic, clothing that was lightweight, odor-resistant, and easily washed. All of my pants are Prana Brions, which are super comfortable and can pass for dress slacks in a pinch. My shirts were all bought at an insane sale at Royal Robbins in Berkeley, which until recently I have never heard of, but I’m a fan now. My shoes are Salomon Trail Runners, the same shoes I wore on the JMT so I know they can take a beating. For underwear, I brought ExOfficio Boxers, which if you haven’t used before are simply amazing. I brought two pair with me on the JMT for 30-days, washing them out nightly in a lake and hanging them to dry overnight, and I plan to employ a similar strategy here. I know it sounds gross but trust me, it works!

P.S. I am not sponsored by any of the above brands (yet) and I would not normally do product placement on our blog, however for this post in particular I thought it would be helpful for others to be able to click on the links.

For electronics I packed a laptop, phone, and kindle. Fortunately we live in an era where electronics are compact and lightweight. Although I’m sure the next generation will laugh at how absurd a “laptop” is.

So, what exactly did I end up bringing? See below!


  • 2 pairs of hiking pants
  • 1 pair of hiking shorts
  • 3 short-sleeved button-up hiking shirts
  • 3 long-sleeved button-up hiking shirts
  • 2 “smart-wool” t-shirts
  • 4 synthetic boxer-briefs
  • 5 regular boxer-briefs
  • 9 pairs of socks
  • 1 down jacket
  • 1 rain jacket


  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • Kindle
  • Headlamp
  • Headphones
  • Charging cables


  • Travel toothbrush
  • Electric razor
  • Sunscreen
  • Toothpaste
  • Q-tips
  • Floss

Pictures for your viewing pleasure…

The gray thingies are packing cubes…



Ready to go!

That pretty much sums it up! Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

Now, to see if you read all the way to the bottom, I will be taking suggestions in the comments for my “sign-off” slogan to be used in future posts. A simple phrase that I can use to end each blog post such as, “happy trails”, “carpe diem”, or “see you space cowboy”.

Until Next Time!


  1. I read this obviously sponsored post all the way to the end, and my vote is that you do a sign off (“see you soon” or the like) in the language of wherever you are.

    Have a great first few day, you two!

  2. I’m so impressed about how light you guys packed! When we’ve traveled I feel like I can’t think of what I had that you don’t but somehow I filed a full 65l bag. You guys didn’t mention the weight of each bag though?! Eric was always proud that his weighed less than mine.

      1. I am definitely losing the bag weight contest, but on the bright side I am going to feel “weightless” every time Tarick admits he needs to use something from my bag.

    1. I also had to get new ones! The old ones had a pretty amazing run, though. I’m trying waterproof this time, though.

  3. If you intend to wash out that underwear nightly, why did you need 9 of them? How about first aid? basic meds? Also to make it worth it for Chiara to carry mug/bowl, I would think you need them too. How about sandals? easy slip ons are valuable if for no reason other than to walk to the bathroom. Hats? In any case, I’m impressed with both of your packing. Seemed like wise selections.

    1. Good questions! I chickened out and brought some backup undies. They don’t take up much room and either way we have to do laundry less often.

      Chiara has the first aid kit and hat. We both have sandals. I suppose our lists were not comprehensive 😁

  4. I’m hoping this pair of Salomons keep your toenails on your toes. I’m always looking for lightweight pants that look halfway decent- these Prana Briones look awesome. We may match by the time you guys get back

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